So you are looking for some fun Valentine’s Day activities for your toddler or preschooler? You came to the right place! This post has lots of easy, fun love day ideas for your toddlers and preschoolers!

It is funny because I was never really a big Valentine’s Day person at all, but once I had my daughter I was like give me all Valentine’s day crafts & activities! It is so fun to have a day where I can shower her with (more) love and fun love-themed activities.

My daughter is now almost 4 so I have pulled together some of our favourite Valentine’s Day Play Ideas from the past few years. There are activities included for babies as young as 6 months, and activities that will work for a variety of ages and stages too! So let me dive right in!



Valentine’s Day Activities for Toddlers and Preschoolers

These dollar store foam hearts are so great and so versatile. In this situation, we made a DIY matching activity. We used our foam hearts + some heart stickers to create matching sides and then cut the foam hearts down the middle. I then laid all the pieces out and my toddler matched them up! Super simple and cute! 

If you cannot find foam hearts you could easily recreate the same activity with card stock or cardboard. 



Valentine’s Day Activities for Toddlers and Preschoolers

These felt hearts and heart lace were also dollar store finds! I instantly knew they would be perfect for a lacing activity! Such an easy little activity to grab in a pinch. You could easily recreate this activity with cardboard and a hole punch as well!



Valentine’s Day Activities for Toddlers and Preschoolers

We love cloud dough (also known as moon sand or DIY sand). It is easy to make and an easy sensory base to use in themed play! In this case, we used our cloud dough recipe and then just added in some fun valentine’s day play tools such as our silicone heart tray, heart cookie cutters, and some other red and pink odds and ends we have on hand.



Another one of our favourite Valentine’s Day activities! All you need is some heart stickers, a piece of paper, and a marker. Place the heart stickers vertically on the left of the paper and draw a line next to each one. The goal is the have your toddler stick the stickers along the line of the matching sticker. This is a really great activity for fine motor development! Peeling the stickers and then placing them along the line gets those little fingers working hard!



If you have magnetic tiles, this is a great little activity! We love our Magnetic tiles and use them almost daily in some form. Here we just added some foam heart stickers and created a matching game! In this activity, we used our Magna-Tiles ICE set + our Magna-Tiles Stardust Set. The combo was perfect for Valentine’s day!



Have you tried baking soda + vinegar with your toddler? An instant hit! We use this activity in so many varieties and it is always a winner. Basically, all you need is some baking soda and some white vinegar. The mix of the two causes a bubbly reaction that always blows my toddler’s mind! We usually water down our vinegar just to get more without using too much vinegar! 

In this case, we used our silicone heart trays and filled them with baking soda, added our large heart container with about 2/3 vinegar and 1/3 water. She scooped the vinegar mix into the silicone heart tray and watched them fizz up. Lots of fun! 



Valentine’s Day Activities for Toddlers and Preschoolers

We almost always do a themed sensory bottle for every holiday! They are SO easy and pretty and a fun little themed addition to our play space. I usually keep them simple with just some water, glitter, food colouring, and then any other little themed items I have that I can throw in. Our bottles are from Michaels Craft Store, but an empty VOSS water bottle would work great too!



Again, magnetic tiles for the win! In this activity, I created a letter hunt by writing “I LOVE YOU” on a large piece of easel paper and then putting it on our front door (because it is magnetic). Using dry-erase markers I wrote out the same letters on our Magnetic Tiles and hid them around our house. My toddler loved hunting for the letters and then matching them up with the letters on the door. 

The dry erase marker comes off of the tiles easily, but I actually find baby wipes to take it off the best!



Another easy, low-prep activity! tape out a heart, or “LOVE”, or any other valentine inspired word on a piece of paper or cardboard. We used Washi tape because it peels off easily. Once the taping is complete, have your child either paint, colour, or dot, all over the paper. We used our dot markers because they are my toddler’s favourite. Once the page is full, peel of the tape for a beautiful final product!



As you can see, we are getting our use out of our heart stickers! For this activity, the goal was to draw a line to match the hearts. A great activity to practise those writing skills! This was a super easy prep activity. You could even take it a step further and do numbers on the hearts, or do small letters and big letters and have your child draw a line to match the small letter to its big letter! Lots of options and ways to play!



We play with playdough pretty regularly in our house! We have a large play dough tray that I set out on the table and all play dough stays on that tray! It keeps the mess contained and saves me from finding random pieces of play dough throughout my house! 

In this case we did a heart creation station! We made some homemade playdough in pink and purple, and then uses heat shapes cookie cutters, little heart gems, and some dyed chickpeas that we had from another activity!

If you want to make some homemade play dough (it is SO much better than the original store-bought kind), our super easy recipe can be found here: The Easiest Way to Make Home Made Play Dough



Using some large foam heats and a marker, we wrote out the letters in my daughter’s name and then again on multiple small heart stickers. The goal was the stick the stickers on the matching letter. This is a great name recognition activity with a fun Valentine’s Day twist! It is also great for fine motor skills and practicing letters! Again, if you don’t have foam hearts you could easily cut out some large hearts from red, pink, and white paper!



Valentine’s Day Activities for Toddlers and Preschoolers

Another big hit in our house is water beads! Always a win when I put water beads out. This time I used some fun pink and red water beads and basically just what I already had on hand to create a Valentine’s Day Sensory table. Add some scoopers, bowls, whatever you have that may add to or extend the play! We buy a variety pack of water beads that come in a whole range of colours. It is great because then I can just use the colours I need for whatever theme we are doing. 



Sensory play is another favourite in our house! In this easy sensory bin, I simply used dyed chickpeas. Dying your own sensory bases is so easy, all you need is some food colouring and some white vinegar! Once I had my base, I just added in some odds & ends that I already had on hand (buttons, pom poms, foam hearts, etc.). Toss in some scoopers and some containers and you are all set! 

If you want the instructions to dye your own sensory bases (rice, chickpeas, dry pasta, etc.) you can check out this post: How to Dye Your Own Sensory Bases





Valentine’s Day Activities for Toddlers and Preschoolers
Valentine’s Day Activities for Toddlers and Preschoolers
Valentine’s Day Activities for Toddlers and Preschoolers