Spring has sprung (finally) and we have been enjoying some Spring Themed play! Although it is now May, and Spring technically starts in March, here in good ol’ Canada, we have only had nice weather and no snow for about 2-3 weeks now. I love Spring because we can spend almost the whole day outside and it just makes such a difference in everyone’s mood.

I love doing fun Spring play ideas, and so today I wanted to share a few favourites that we have done! Hopefully, you can find some ideas or inspiration to re-create with your little(s).


In this frog pond setup, we used Oobleck on one side and just coloured water on the other side. I just added in some sticks, rocks, and artificial plants along with our toy frogs and turtles. This is a great Spring activity because it is the perfect setup for a sunny day on the deck or in the yard. We just bring our sensory table outside and let the messy play happen! This is a great activity to pair with a Spring walk near a pond or creek where you may be able to find some real-life frogs!

19 Spring Play Ideas for Toddlers

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I loved how this little DIY counting activity turned out! Using some cardboard and yellow paint, I created a little sun with the numbers 1-8 around the outer edge. Then using clothespins, I wrote out some dots (again from 1-8). The goal was to match the dots to the correct number on the sun. Such a cute activity to celebrate Spring, with a fun learning aspect included!




A new favourite in our house! After my 3-year-old made us re-hide her Easter eggs 4 times so she could find them over and over, I knew this activity would be a hit. I hid some of our toy bugs around the yard, gave my toddler a magnifying glass and a jar, and told her to find the bugs! We repeated this game for 3 days straight because she loved it so much!

19 Spring Play Ideas for Toddlers


I love using nature in our play so much which is why I love Spring SO much. Winter in Canada basically means any nature is buried under 5+ cm of snow. When all that snow melts away and you can see grass, leaves, rocks and sticks, it is like winning the play lottery! What toddler doesn’t love playing in the back yard with these fun nature pieces + some dirt and water! With the table below I just gathered whatever I could find in the yard, added some pots & pans, and then added water! So easy, but a week later this table is STILL being played with daily.



Again, we love to incorporate nature into our play! For this Spring play idea, we gathered some leaves, pine cones, rocks, flowers, and then paired them with some homemade play-dough. An easy setup but always provides a great invitation for play!



This is one of my favourite trays we have made because it is just so inviting and bright. It just screams SPRING!!! I love creating small world trays because you can really just use anything you have at home. We used our wooden rainbow, some wood slices, our fake turf grass, some dried black beans, some dollar store butterflies, rocks, blue gems for water, and a few little flower cut-outs I had handy.

19 Spring Play Ideas for Toddlers


Using some dried black beans, a little DIY bee hive, and our awesome build your own garden” playset, we created this fun little activity! The goal was to create a bee garden so the bees could collect pollen. It was a great conversation starter about bees and why they are so special! Our little bees that you see in this activity are actually from another great game we own. It is called Honey Bee Tree and it is a great game for toddlers!

19 Spring Themed Play Ideas for Toddlers and Preschoolers



What better Spring activity than mud pies? What toddler doesn’t love creating some epic mud pies in their yard? This will entertain my toddler better than any beautifully set up activity ever will. She will spend all afternoon collecting sticks, grass, and rocks to add to her mud pies. We have purchased a set of small pots and pans specifically for the backyard. They get very messy so rather than using our indoor set and trying to wash them, we just have an inside and outside set!

19 Spring Play Ideas for Toddlers


It is not Spring without Bumble Bees! We created this fun playdough tray using our homemade playdough recipe, some dried pasta noodles, black beans, tiny bumblebees, beads, and some play dough tools.

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With Spring comes lots of RAIN. One of our favourite Spring activities is to go find some big ol’ puddles and just splash and jump in them! My toddler would do this for a full hour, I am sure of it.



This easy flower activity is great because it has a learning aspect as well! Draw out some flowers on a piece of paper with all different amounts of pedals. Next, take some dot stickers and write the matching numbers on them. Now, your toddler can place them on the correct flower by counting the pedals and choosing the matching dot sticker!

19 Spring Themed Play Ideas for Toddlers and Preschoolers


I already mentioned how I associate rainbows with Spring, so we have no shortage of rainbow activities between March – June. This super easy rainbow activity is also a great fine motor activity! Glue and stick the pieces of paper to the correctly coloured line. All you need is some markers, some coloured paper, scissors, and some glue! With my 3-year-old, I chose to cut the paper up myself, but with an older child, you could have them cut the pieces themselves.



We love ladybugs and my toddler has been seeing lots outside since the weather had started to warm up. Every time she sees a ladybug she goes wild! She will shout “MOM!! COME SEE!!!”. So I thought it was only fitting to create a ladybug play tray for her!



With Spring comes flowers! These little dandelions pop up all over the place in the Spring, and they are great for making flower crowns. All you have to do is make a little slit in the stem of the flower and pull the next flower through, continue until you have a long enough string of flowers to wrap around the head.



My toddler is in the stage where she isn’t super into bugs, however, she loved this bug tray with our toy bug figures! We used dry black beans, dyed pasta, our Magnifying Glass and plastic tweezers! The tray was a great tray to talk about how bugs are not scary and how they actually have benefits in our backyard! I feel like setting up an activity like this for her actually helped to alleviate some of the fear she had around bugs!



It doesn’t get easier than this activity! When the weather starts to warm up I love just throwing some flowers in water, add some bowls and scoopers, and watch your toddler play away! Such a great sunny Spring day activity!

19 Spring Themed Play Ideas for Toddlers and Preschoolers


We love this little sensory setup of planting flowers! All you need is some black beans, sunflower seeds, or anything that imitates soil (or you could always just use soil if you wanted), some small planter pots, and some artificial flowers. Put them all into a bin or sensory table and add in some shovels or scoops. A super easy sensory play idea and you’re little ones will love planting their own flowers!

19 Spring Play Ideas for Toddlers



One thing my toddler loves to do is help me dig in the garden. If I am doing anything in our garden, she is right there by my side helping. For the past two summers, I made planting vegetable seeds into an activity for us to do together. She loves planting them with me and then loves watching them grow and taking care of them. It is a fun little activity that we can do together and that I hope we can continue as she grows.



This is a super fun little activity to do in the Spring. All you need to do is grab some rocks from the backyard and have your toddler paint them with you. We used regular washable Crayola paints and once the rocks dried I went over the rocks with paint markers, and then sprayed them with Modge Podge to seal them. These rocks are now outside in the garden but are played with often anytime we are in the yard.

19 Spring Play Ideas for Toddlers


Something I love about Spring is the simple fact that we can spend so much more time outdoors. We live in Canada, so from November – March (at least) getting outside is not super enjoyable and usually very cold. When Spring comes we just really have such an appreciation for being able to spend the majority of the day outside. One super simple Spring activity that we do is bring some indoor toys outside! We often bring our Magnetic tiles, blocks, books, colouring books, etc. out onto the deck or in the driveway to play with. In the picture below we are using our Magnetic tiles on our garage door. By doing this you are introducing a different way to play and for some reason, my toddler seems to get such a thrill out of bringing her indoor toys outside!


So there you have it! Some ideas to celebrate a new season and all it has to offer! What are your favourite Spring activities? Leave a comment below and let me know!



19 Spring Themed Play Ideas for Toddlers
19 Spring Themed Play Ideas for Toddlers
19 Spring Themed Play Ideas for Toddlers