Have you seen Oobleck activities on Instagram & Pinterest and wondered what the heck is that and how do I make it? Well you have come to the right place!

Oobleck is easily a favorite in our house. It is one of my toddlers favorite because it is slimly and gooey and messy. It is one of my favourites because it keeps my toddler occupied for longer than most other things. It is also a favourite because it is SO easy to make (only 2 ingredients ) and we almost always have the ingredients on hand.

So, what exactly is Oobleck?

Well, it is a non-Newtonian fluid.


Don’t worry I only know that because of Google, but more simply, Oobleck has properties of both liquids and solids, which is what makes it so cool!

Why is Oobleck so appealing to kids?

I think it is the unique sensory experience it provides. It is more of a liquid in the bin, and feels gooey and slimy. However, when you pick it up you can squish it into a ball and it becomes more of a solid. However the moment you stop it will liquify again and drip and flow down from your fingers! It it a bit hard to explain and even harder to capture in photos! So, you will just have to try it our for yourself to get the full experience!

How to Make Oobleck with Only 2 Ingredients!

Is Oobleck Taste Safe?

Yes! Oobleck is technically edible, although I doubt it would taste very good. Oobleck it literally just corn starch & water. So there are no harmful ingredients that couldn’t be ingested. However, I wouldn’t recommend it! I would assume after one small taste, your child wouldn’t be interested in having anymore anyway!

How Messy is Oobleck?

Okay, I do have a little disclaimer: Oobleck is not a mess-free activity. In fact, it is basically the opposite. But, I have some tricks up my sleeve to help! At the bottom of the post I include some clean-up tips, so make sure you check those out before you play! While Oobleck is messy, it is also very easy to clean up!

How Do You Make Oobleck?

Okay, let’s get to the good part! Oobleck is simply just corn start & what combined! I often add a little food colouring to make it prettier but that is totally optional and it will be just as fun with or without the food colouring!

You will need:

1 Cup of Water

2 Cups of Corn starch

Liquid Food Coloring (optional)

How to Make Oobleck with Only 2 Ingredients!

How to Make Oobleck: Step by Step Instructions

Ok, let me walk you through the process! While it seems pretty straight forward, there are a few tips and tricks I have for you.

STEP ONE: Cornstarch

Take your 2 cups of cornstarch and pour it into the bin or container you will be using. If it is a smaller container, you could half the recipe as well.

Spread the corn starch around evenly so it covers the entire container.


Pour 1 Cup of water over the corn starch. *If you are looking to do a coloured Oobleck, please check out the options in STEP 3 before adding your water!

Once you have added your water, pick up your container or bin and slowly move it around to spread the water evenly until it has completely covered all the corn starch.

You can use your hand or a spoon to even out any lumps and bumps or any larger piles of corn starch.

STEP 3: Food Coloring (optional)

If you are going for a solid colour, you could also just add the food colouring to your water in Step 2!

If you want more of a pattern like the photo below, add a few drops of food colouring after completing step 2. Pick up the bin again and slowly move it around. This will spread the food colouring around but it will also make a really cool and pretty pattern!

How to Make Oobleck with Only 2 Ingredients!


That is it! Your Oobleck is all set to be played with. Super easy!

I will also suggest adding a second container with clean water and an old hand towel. This just gives your child the option to rinse their hands as they want to. The Oobleck comes off extremely easy, they will just have to dip their hands in the water!

How Do You Clean It Up?

First, I recommend laying a large garbage bag under the bin or sensory table that you are using. This may not catch it all, but it will catch most of it. Also, when the play is done you can just fold up the bag, and toss it. Any Oobleck that gets on the floor or table will come off easily with a wet cloth. If it gets on clothing, it will also rinse off, however, I would still recommend old clothing if you are using dye in the Oobleck as the dye may stain. We don’t typically use enough food colouring that it would cause staining to hands or clothing, but it is just best to be careful!

As for the Oobleck clean up, my hack is to actually set it aside and leave it for about 24 hours until it is completely hard and no longer a paste. Once it hardens, crack it gently into a few large pieces, and then you can literally compost it, or just toss it in the garbage.

Once your Oobleck is removed from your bin, you can wash it with soap & water and it will be good as new! If any got on the surface where your bin or container was sitting, the Oobleck will wipe off with a wet cloth, or if it is hardened, it should vacuum off as well.


So there you have it! I hope my instructions were fairly easy to follow and that your little one is able to enjoy some Oobleck fun!

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How to Make Oobleck: An Easy 2 Ingredient Recipe