Halloween is coming upon us fast, so of course, I need to make a post with some Halloween activities for kids!

It’s actually quite funny because as an adult I’ve never really been super into Halloween. I never really decorated for it, I went to a costume party from time to time, but that was it.

Last year, Mia was 3.5 at the time of Halloween and it was the first year she was super excited about it and the first year she really understood what it was. Her excitement made me excited and so I actually decorated our house and did lots of Halloween-themed activities for her. We had lots of fun with it and I plan to do the same this year as well!

I figured I’d pull together a little round-up post of some of the Halloween activities for kids we did last year and then add in any we do this year as we do them! Hopefully, it will give you so ideas and inspiration to pull some activities together of your own!

Let jump right in!


Halloween Activities for Kids

This was such a fun activity! It’s definitely one of our messier Halloween activities but if you set it up in a large tray it’s not too bad! We found the mini cauldrons on Amazon and just used some baking soda + Vinegar with some purple food dye in it. the combo of baking soda and Vinegar causes a fun bubbly reaction that my 4-year-old thought was the greatest thing and she loved making her potions!



Halloween Activities for Kids

This is one of my favourite sensory tables that we’ve done. Something about those Halloween colours! Here we used black beans on one side and orange lentils on the other. I added some skeleton heads (dollar store find), and used some cotton swabs as “bones”. On the other side, I added some different tools to encourage scooping and pouring!

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Halloween Activities for Kids

This was such a fun little DIY activity! I drew a spider web on a sheet of paper and then added some shapes throughout. I created a legend, assigning each shape a colour. The goal was to use dot markers to stamp the correct colour to the correct shape.



We made some orange play dough using our Homemade Play Dough Recipe and then created these silly little pumpkins. I laid out the play dough on pre-rolled balls and then included some googley eyes, pipe cleaners, mini craft sticks some card stock cutouts and more.

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This was an easy one to throw together! A bin of water + a pinch of purple food colouring + some googley eyes. Then I added in some of our pots and spoons and a few other little things. Water play is always a win in our house!



My sad excuse for a Pumpkin tray! It may not be beautiful but it was still lots of fun. We did this one when Mia was only 2.5 and she just loves to play in the Orange lentils and scoop and pour over and over!

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Halloween Activities for Kids

This was such a fun one! I set up our little IKEA kitchen as a Halloween-themed soup station. Lots of different ingredients, a large cauldron, a skeleton hand for a spoon. It was awesome and a huge hit with my then 3.5-year-old! We will probably do something similar again this year because I know she would still enjoy this at 4.5.



Halloween Activities for Kids

Sensory bottles are always fun to make and these Halloween ones were no exception! We used water, some glitter, and a little food colouring in both. Then in the green one, I added some eyeballs and in the orange one, I added some little plastic pumpkins. We grab our Sensory bottles from Michaels Craft Store, but you could use any plastic bottles!



This fun little letter match activity is actually included in our free Halloween printables! Print them out and then all you need are some dot stickers! You can grab the printables by subscribing to our email list below. Once you subscribe you will gain access to the private Printables page which is only available to those on our email list. Opt in to get an email with the link and password to our Printable Page. 






So there you have it! Some fun Halloween activities for kids! I hope you found some inspiration in this post and that your little ones enjoy any activities that you try!


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Halloween Activities for Kids
Halloween Activities for Kids