I am a big believer in getting kids outside as much as possible. On the days that I get outside with my toddler, we are both noticeably happier and calmer. Spring, Summer, and Fall are all great! We get outside everyday and sometimes we are outside all day long. But Winter if a different story. I live in Alberta, Canada and we recently had a very, VERY, cold snap (-32 degrees Celsius before the wind chill). 7 days straight of that weather meant there was absolutely NO outdoor time. Getting my toddler to the car was bad enough and my hands were honestly frozen before I could even get her strapped into her seat, so being outdoors for more than 10 minutes was just not going to happen. 

The thing is though, no matter how cold, rainy, windy, etc. it is outside, your toddler still has energy to burn. So during the winter in Canada we have to get a bit creative because some days are just too damn cold to get outside to play and run, and sometimes it is honestly too cold and snowy to even want to leave our house. So, we get creative and we burn some energy indoors! 

I put together a list of my go to activities that I have in my back pocket when we are stuck inside! These activities will be sure to burn some of that crazy toddler energy.

Think Fun Move and Groove Dance Game for Toddlers

An awesome (award winning) gross motor game for toddlers that promotes movement, creativity, and fun! 

Keep your little one active even when you are stuck in the house with this super fun & easy game! A favorite with my toddler and it involves zero prep and 2 minutes of clean up! 

Shop this game here!

Do Some Yoga or a Work Out Together

It may not be as great of a workout as normal, but getting your toddler to join in on a workout with you can be a lot of fun and a great way to get them to burn off some energy. Trust me you will both both laughing and giggling the whole time watching them try and copy your movements!

Gross Motor Color Match

A super simple matching activity that will get your little one moving! All we used was some colored paper and some pom poms and other rainbow items we had on hand. I put all the items in a bin and had her pick them out and put them on the correct colored paper. However, to up the activity level you could scatter or even hide the items around the room to encourage more movement! 

DIY Ball Toss

This is an easy one to throw together. You can use any kind of containers (baskets, hampers, buckets, etc.) and a ball (or a few). Have your toddler stand a few feet away and toss the ball into the bucket!  This one is always a hit with my toddler.

Stepping Stones

We just purchased a pack of these fun stepping stones and they have been so fantastic. My almost 3 year old finds so many different ways to use them. She loves to hop from stone to stone and we have used them to set up obstacle courses using them as well. They are a great indoor toy to get those little feet moving and burning some energy if your stuck in the house! 

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Hide & Seek

I don’t think this one needs much explanation! Hide & Seek is always a win – my toddler absolutely loves playing and I think it is so hilarious watching where she chooses to hide. Also a great way to practice counting!

Pom Pom Sweep

Energy Burning Indoor Activities for Toddlers

Pom pom sweep is such an easy activity to set up and provides lots of gross motor practice! All you need is some tape, pom poms, and a small broom. I scattered the pom poms around on the floor and showed my toddler how to sweep them into the square. Then I let her try and she absolutely loved it! She even pushed them all back out so she could do it again!

You can shop our broom set here. 


Simon Says

Always a classic! Simon says is a great way to help your little one burn off some energy. You can do Simon Says jump, spin, hop on one foot, wave your arms, etc. 

My toddler loves this game and always thinks it is so funny to do the movements. She doesn’t quite get the concept of not doing the thing unless I say Simon Says but that is totally fine for a 2 year old and the whole point is it gets her playing and moving. 

Wobble Balance Board

We bought our toddler a wooden balance board for Christmas and I was a bit reluctant in the beginning. I always seen them on Instagram and always seen people talk so positively about them, but I was kinda like … its a wooden board. Well I was proved wrong very quickly! Our toddler plays with her balance board SO often and in so many different ways. She wobbles on it, climbs it, sits in it, used it as a slide, jumps off it, etc. 

I highly recommend! If you are in Canada we purchased our board from a local Canadian company called Wood Wood Toys.

If you are in the US, Amazon has lots of optionsYou can see more details here.

DIY Obstacle Course

Create a DIY obstacle course using objects from around the house. Cushions from the couch, chairs, tape, pillows, etc. 

The stepping stones and wobble board are also great items to use for obstacle courses! 

Hop Scotch

There are a couple of options for indoor hop scotch. I’ve created a hop scotch set up out of tape, which was a big hit! I have also seen the awesome Hop Game by Learning Resources that looks like so much fun and would be a great way to get your kiddo moving! 

Lastly, I have seen hop scotch rugs at both Ikea and on Amazon. They would be both cute and fun!

Have a Dance Party

It doesn’t get much easier than this! Put on some music and dance around the room! My daughter absolutely loves having dance parties and asks often for me to put some music on so we can dance!

Monkey Around Toddler Game

Monkey Around is a great game for toddlers aimed at ages 2+. This easy little game will get your little one movin and groovin! This fun activity is a great way to burn some energy on those days when we are stuck inside. 

You can grab it from Amazon for less than $20!

Play Tag

Maybe this is an obvious one, but indoor tag is a great way to burn off some toddler energy! My daughter is obsessed with tag and is constantly saying “can’t catch me mom!” So this is always a big win with her.

So there you have it! I hope this little list helps you get your toddler moving and helps to keep you sane on those days you are stuck inside with a child who has endless energy! I also recommend lots of coffee (for you, not your toddler!). 

What is your favorite way to burn your toddler’s energy inside? Leave me a comment and let me know!

14 Energy Burning Indoor Activities for Toddlers