Alright mama’s, I need to share our new Busy Box System! It has been such a game-changer for us!

I’ve recently collaborated with a local Canadian company called Box it Okanogan and they were nice enough to send me one of their amazing products. They specialize in a variety of Organizational Boxes, but there was one specific product that they sell that really caught my eye! It is called the “Box it All Up” and as soon as I saw it I thought of a million different ways I could use it. One of those ideas was to create a busy box system.

The Box it All Up is basically one large plastic container filled with 16 small cases. Because Box it Okanogan will label your boxes, I made the decision to do 7 busy boxes, labelled Monday-Sunday, and then the other 9 boxes I labelled as things I would use often for our busy boxes (Pom poms, beads, stickers, scissors, glue, etc.). Now I can just pull out my case and create the busy boxes for a full week easily and quickly. It’s the perfect little system!

I was excited to create a busy box system because of the benefits I knew it would have for both me and my preschooler. Using this system allows for minimal prep time but maximum benefits! Not only do I have something quick to grab now when I need a quick distraction, but they are little boxes of learning opportunities for my daughter. She loves the little boxes and is always excited to see what will be inside for her to do! They are the perfect addition to our day.

Also, if we don’t end up using a certain day, I just keep it prepped and have one less box to prep for the next week.

Busy boxes are perfect for restaurants, travel, or when you need something quick and easy in a pinch.

The goal for our busy boxes is very easy, low prep activities. I want to spend a maximum of 30 minutes prepping these boxes for our week. I wanted to share a few of the ideas we’ve used so far and hopefully, you will be able to replicate a few of you decide to create your own busy box system!

How to Create a Busy Box System



How to Create a Busy Box System

Letter tracing is a great busy box activity. We have this great set of dry erase letters that can be traced, erased, and traced again and again! They fit perfectly in our boxes. You could probably also create your own tracing activity that would work just as well, but I just love that these ones can be used over and over. You can find our set of tracing cards HERE.

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How to Create a Busy Box System

Letter matching activities! I actually cut these little butterflies out of an activity book we have, and then paired them with dot stickers with the letters written on them. The activity books are perfect for the busy boxes! I just cut out a page or specific activity and put them in the box. We found our activity book at Costco over a year ago, but you can find a similar one HERE.



How to Create a Busy Box System

Dot stickers are perfect for busy boxes. They are so versatile and there are so many low prep activities that can be pulled together using dot stickers. For example, this easy colour matching activity! All I did was draw out some dots on a page of paper and then added that plus a page of dot stickers to our busy box. The goal is to peel and stick the dot stickers to the matching colours! Great for practicing colours as well as working on those fine motor skills!

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How to Create a Busy Box System

Just add play dough! An easy option is to toss some little figures and accessories in a busy box, and then when you pull it out just add some playdough! I did up a fairy box using our Safari Ltd. fairies and then when I pulled it out, I just added some green playdough! Very low prep, but always a win with my playdough-loving toddler.



How to Create a Busy Box System

Dot stickers for the win again! This time we created some DIY pattern strips using dot stickers. I tossed them in our busy box along with a sheet of dot stickers and that was it! The goal is to peel and stick the correct dot stickers to complete the pattern. 



A DIY matching game. All I did here was print out some cute animal photos I found online, cut them straight down the middle, and just like that we had a matching game! These fit perfectly in our little busy boxes.



How to Create a Busy Box System

Cutting practice! A great way to practice cutting with scissors is to draw lines for your child to try and follow. We used flashcards and drew some different types of lines for a great little cutting activity! The perfect little busy box filler.



How to Create a Busy Box System

This number match-up activity was the perfect little activity for a busy box. I found these foam butterflies at the dollar store, which were perfect because we were doing a lot of Spring themed activities, and I knew I could use these for something. I cut them in half, putting numbers on one side and the matching number of dots on the other side. An easy DIY that had a learning twist and was both budget-friendly and low prep!



This was another activity that I cut out of our little Activity Book. It is a colour-by-letter activity, It fit perfectly in our busy box, and I just paired it with some crayons. I’m sure there are lots of printables out there that would give you the same type of activity as well!




Counting and fine motor skills combined! All you need is some clothespins and some large craft sticks. Write numbers on the craft stick and dots on the clothespins. The goal is to place the clothespin with the same number of dots on the matching number. You could easily replicate the activity using colours, letters, shapes, etc. 

So there you have it! We just started this little Busy Box System, but I will continue to add ideas to this post as we create more Busy Boxes. 

If you would like to create your own Busy Box System, Box it Okanogan has given us a 15% discount code! Visit their website and use the code L4L15 at checkout!



How to Create a Weekly Busy Box System
How to Create a Weekly Busy Box System