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A little bit about learning for littles


Hi! I’m Kendra. I am the mama to my two year old bestie, Mia Rose. I am a wannabe SAHM, but currently work full time as a Human Resources Admin. I have a major passion for web design, content creation, and blogging, and Learning for Littles is actually not my only blog! Although it isn’t my first blog, it is the one I am most passionate about. 

Mia was born premature at 33 weeks, so I was a bit obsessed with her growth and development from the beginning. As she began hitting milestones mostly on schedule, my worries faded away and I started to have more fun with the development side of things. I found some other amazing learning through play blogs and Instagram accounts and began creating fun activities to promote learning for Mia while also being fun for her. They were great bonding opportunities for the two of us as well, and also provided much needed breaks for me! I was able to set up activities to entertain Mia while I was making dinner, and that kept her busy and learning. It was a great option rather than relying on a screen every time I need a distraction! 

My goal with this blog is to share our everyday play activities in hopes of inspiring others and giving them some play ideas! All activities I share promote learning and development, are easy to re-create and set up, and are budget friendly! Absolutely anyone can do them! By doing these activities with my little on a regular basis, I have seen a huge improvement in her development, language, and overall confidence in herself and trying new things. 

Some fun facts about us:

  • I originally wanted to be an elementary school teacher, but I changed career paths due to the lack of teaching jobs in the small town I lived in at the time. I now live in a much bigger city and I regret not pursuing that path because I think I would have been great at it! 
  • When Mia was born she didn’t have a name for 3 days! She was early so we just weren’t set on a name yet and we really struggled with liking the same name. 
  • My Partner works out of town every second week so I solo parent 50% of the time. It was a hard adjustment for us but I think it has ultimately made me stronger in many aspects of my life. I have SO much respect for single parents. 
  • I am a huge introvert and enjoy my alone time A LOT, so becoming a mom was a huge adjustment for me because well, moms don’t get alone time?! (lol)
  •  I would absolutely love to be an entrepreneur and own a small business. I have many ideas around this dream, but while ideas come easy it is the execution of those ideas that I struggle with! Stay tuned! 

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