Play dough is a fantastic form of sensory play! We love making home made play dough because it is so much softer than the store bought kind, but any kind of play dough will do the trick! My 2.5 YO loves play dough and she loves it even more when I pair it together with a fun invitation to play using all sorts of different objects. In this post today I put together 7 of our favorite play dough trays in hopes that they give you some ideas and inspiration to create your own fun for your little one!

1 | Woodland Animal Themed Tray

Using some blue and green play dough I added some “woodland” loose parts including real pine cones and pine tree branches. We explored this tray by using the dough as grass and water, sticking trees in, seeing how the animals left foot prints, how the pine cones made neat prints in the dough, etc.


2 | Bumble Bee Themed Tray

My 2 YO had so much fun with this bee inspired play dough tray. We used black beans, pasta, mini bees, beads, and play dough tools. We also made our own play dough for this tray. The bees were a dollar store find and the play dough tools came in an awesome set I found on Amazon – you can shop it HERE.

3 | Forest Themed Tray

This forest themed kit provided lots of fun! We set up a little forest and my little one loved walking the bears through the play dough to create paw prints. We used our play dough tools, some pine cones from our yard, some bear figures, plastic leaves and trees, wood slices, and some leaf confetti.

4 | Ocean Themed Tray

We love creating ocean themed play trays because they are always so colorful and inviting! Using some sea creature figures, our play dough tools, some aquarium plants, shells, gems, and of course some home made ocean blue play dough, I put together this fun ocean tray! We had lots of fun with this one!

5 | Lady Bug Themed Tray

I made these little lady bugs as a DIY project and was looking for ways to use them in our play, so I created this fun little play dough tray! I love using nature in our play when I can, so I grabbed some pine cones and rocks from outside to incorporate in this tray. My daughter loved pushing the rocks into the play dough and the pine cones made some great patterns when we rolled them on the dough.

6 | Rainbow Themed Tray

This tray was one I threw together in a pinch but was a big success. I basically just threw anything I had that was colorful into the tray with some pink play dough. In the end we turned this into a cup cake making activity! So much fun.

7 | Autumn Themed Tray

I love autumn so I loved putting this tray together! I also made some DIY play dough stampers by using some wooden blocks and some wood cut outs that I found at the dollar store. I simply hot glued them on to the blocks and TA-DA! play dough stampers!

So there you have it! Our favorite 7 Play Dough Trays! If you are interested in making some DIY play dough to try in your own play dough trays, you can check out THIS POST for the super easy recipe I use!

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7 Inviting Play Dough Trays to Try With Your Child