Colours are one of the most noticeable attributes in our world. For our early learners, understanding colour is an essential building block that they will use for learning in all areas of their lives. Most children do not typically learn to differentiate between colours until around 18 months, and usually do not start identifying colors until 2-3 years old, especially verbally.

As I mentioned, colour recognition actually provides children with essential learning tools. For example, in colour recognition is used to categorise, sort, compare and organise. Also, as children learn to identify colours they can use colour as a language tool to describe things.

As with most early learning, your child will learn colour identification best through play. Making it fun and incorporating it into play will help your child catch on quickly. Using books that identify colours, setting up sorting and matching activities, or simply verbalizing colour in day to day activities.

Below are some simple colour sort and match activities that you can try with your little learner!

1 | Water Bead Sort & Match

I had blue, green, and purple water beads and I also had blue, green, and purple nesting cups and eggs. So, I threw them all in our Ikea Flisat Table, and TA-DA! we have a great colour sorting activity. We actually did this activity before my daughter could verbalize her colours. She couldn’t SAY green, blue, or purple – but she could still sort and match the colours. As she sorted, I communicated the colours to her to help her learn the names.

2 | Rainbow Colour Matching

I used our wooden nesting rainbow with some wooden rainbow blocks and had M place the blocks on the corresponding colour. This is great for learning colours and also a fine motor development activity as well!

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3 | Craft Stick Colour Sorting

Using colored craft sticks and some nesting cups to create this super simple color matching activity. This was one of our first color matching activities, and one we reuse often!

4 | Magnetic Chip Matching

Using magnetic chips & a magnetic wand + nesting cups, we “caught” the magnetic chips with the wand and then put them in the matching color cup. This is a great fine motor skill as well because your little will have to use their hands and fingers to remove the chips from the wand.

5 | DIY Color Match Stick Push

A super simple DIY activity to help with learning colors. All you need is an old egg carton, some markers (or paint), and some rainbow craft sticks. I simply colored the egg carton and used a box cutter to slice small slits into each color. Your toddler can push the craft sticks into the corresponding color, which is also a great fine motor activity as well!

6 | Pom Pom and Paper Match

Such an easy activity for teaching colors! I used colored construction paper + some pom poms, wooden blocks, and small rainbow rings. You could easily just use pom poms if that is all you have at home! I taped the paper down to keep it in place and my 2 year old loved running around and finding the correct colors.

7 | Rainbow Straw Threading

For this fun activity I used our nesting cups (ours have small holes in the bottom), some grilling skewers, and some rainbow straws (cut up). My 2 year old loved threading the pieces of straw onto the matching colors and this was a great activity for fine motor development as well.

8 | Dot Sticker Matching

Using crayons and dot stickers, I created this easy color matching activity for my toddler. She had lots of fun peeling the stickers off and placing them on the matching colors.

9 | Washi Tape Matching

Using washi tape and some rainbow chips I set up a simple color matching activity.You could set this activity up in a variety of ways (lines, shapes, etc.) and the best part is the set up and clean up is super easy!

10 | Giant Nuts and Bolts

These nuts and bolts are a great toy for learning colors AND shapes! They are also fantastic for developing fine motor skills. We also use these in a variety of other ways such as with our play dough as stampers!

So there you have it! 10 easy activities that will help your little learn their colors. What are your favorite activities for learning colors? Let me know in the comments below.


10 Fun & Easy Activities to Teach Your Toddler Colors